Fairs and congresses in Brasilia, Brazil

The Brazilian capital is a comparatively young metropolis and was even discussed in the country’s constitution of 1891. About 30 years later, Brasilia was established as the new capital of Brazil. Today, more than 2.5 million people live in this vibrant city, which is almost exactly situated in the center of Brazil. The sights of the city are – when focusing on architecture – on the modern side. At the time of Brasilia’s development on the central plateau of the country, it was called a place of architectural Modernism. The television tower offers breathtaking views of the city. Although Brasilia was futuristic once, the present seems to have caught up with the future by now. In the evenings, you can stop for a bite to eat in one of the city’s plenty bars and restaurants and immerse yourself in Brazilian cuisine. Brasilia has an airport and a metro. Brasilia’s carnival is not as famous as elsewhere in Brazil, but still impressive.

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