Mexico City

Fairs and congresses in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a political, cultural and economic center of Mexico. The city in the interior of the country is framed by mountains. Mexico’s capital is one of the largest cities in the world, with 22 million inhabitants in the urban agglomeration. The city can be reached via an international airport as well as via the surrounding motorway network. The National Autonomous University of Mexico is not only the oldest and biggest university of the country and a principal institution of higher education; it is also one of the most impressive sights with its giant campus that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and the mosaic façade of the library. The Zócala Square in the old town is impressive with its imposing cathedral and the National Palace. The city with Aztec roots is also home to proofs of this advanced civilization that are worth visiting, such as the excavation site of Templo Mayor and further ruins of the historical city Tenochtitlan. The Xochimilco Park with its swimming gardens and a boat ride on the numerous canals is really inviting.

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