New Orleans

Fairs and congresses in New Orleans, United States

New Orleans, which is populated by 400,000 people, is the largest city of the state of Louisiana. The city still combines French, German and African influences and offers its visitors an extraordinary insight into the Southern States of America. It is surrounded by plantations, which are reminiscent of the slave’s lives in former times. The city has a special status and there is a reason why it is called “The Big Easy”: life seems more relaxed and the clocks seem to tick slower here. Music plays a vital role in New Orleans; besides various styles, it is possible to listen to genuine Blues in one of the many small bars. Food is another big topic in New Orleans. Chain restaurants of famous fast food companies are prohibited in the inner city, the focus is on authentic Southern State meals. Everything the heart could wish for can be eaten here, such as catfish, alligator and fried chicken. There is no international airport in New Orleans, but the city can be easily reached by plane via Atlanta.

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