Fairs and congresses in Bremen, Germany

Bremen, the main city of the state Bremen, has about 550,000 inhabitants. The most beautiful part of the city is situated between the Domhügel and the river Weser. Since 2004, the area located between Schnoor, Böttchenstraße and Marktplatz has been part of the UNESCO world heritage. For more than 300 years, Bremen has been of supra-regional importance as a “coffee city”. One of Bremen’s most astonishing sights is the so-called Marktplatz (market square). Here, the two most important monuments of Bremen as well as the oldest building of the city are located. The center of the square is the “Roland”, a tower with 10 meters in height. Northwest of the city hall, the world-famous Bremen Town Musicians can be discovered. Further sights are the cathedral, the art hall and the oversea museum. Bremen’s airport is only three kilometers away from the city center.

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