Fairs and congresses in Bagdad, Iraq

Baghdad with 7.6 million inhabitants (as of 2017) is one of the largest cities in the Middle East and is home to the government as well as all central national and religious institutions and a number of diplomatic missions. Thus, the Iraqi capital is the economic, political and cultural center of the country. People interested in history can visit the numerous sights, such as the National Museum, which reopened in 2000, the Abu Hanifa Mosque or the Mutanabbi street, the city’s historical center. The culinary specialties, like khouzi, a variation of filled lamb, or masgouf, fish grilled on open fire, are inviting. Besides that, Baghdad is renowned for its lively music and theatre scene, particularly for the Iraqi National Orchestra. Baghdad represents the culture and atmosphere of Iraq in condensed form. The Baghdad International Airport, situated ten kilometers outside the city, is an international hub and served by around 20 airlines, e.g. Turkish Airlines, British Airways and Emirates, among others.

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